AWS Solar los angeles commercial


Commercial Solar Energy

A Grid-tied solar panel system offers your business the opportunity to:

  1. Take advantage of local and federal rebate and tax credit
  2. Lock in low electric rates for years to come
  3. Show an actual commitment to minimizing CO² emissions levels to your clients

Without moving parts in the entire system, electrical solar systems for business are seen to be most reliable renewable energy power technology available.

For this reason manufacturers of solar panels provide a 25 years warranty for their solar modules while the expectation lifetime of solar panels is more than 50 years.

Local and Federal rebates and incentives

Federal incentives , local utility and state rebates are available to make solar power projects happen.  One example:

  • Accelerated depreciation benefits which can reduce your tax liability by as much as 35% of the solar system cost
  • Federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of solar system until 2016

Financing options for solar system for business

Companies could decide to purchase a solar power electric system for cash and take good advantage of federal tax credits and depreciation allowance. On the other hand, the company either can finance the installed system or use a PPA purchase arrangement.

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