Have you decided to purchase a brand new state of the art electric car?

Are you looking to get a convenient solution to keep it charged by not having to drive miles in search for a convenient charging station?

Do you want to realize the potential of charging your electric vehicle absolutely free?

We have some amazing news for you!


AWS Solar is currently installing in-house electric car charging stations within greater Los Angeles


When combined with a solar electric generating system you will have the potential of FREE energy for you electric vehicle.

We are seasoned experts in solar and now bring our quality of workmanship to the installation of EV charging stations.

We offer electric car charging solutions straight to electric car owners as well as businesses, which are planning to provide the EV charging stations for their employees or customers.

Electric vehicles are the best solution for the environment and could help to decrease fuel costs, We are happy to advise you about rates and the best times to charge your electric vehicle in order to save the most money.


Electric vehicle concept


Happy family standing near large solar panels