7 Reasons to do a Solar Panel Installation for Your Home

7 Reasons to do a Solar Panel Installation for Your Home in Los Angeles.

7 reasons to go solar

Reason no 1.  

Your can eliminate or reduce your electrical bill from the first day.

How is it possible?

The answer is here: Solar panel installation on the roof of your home can produce electricity at lower rates than the energy from the local utility.

Reason no 2.

You can increase the value of your property without increasing the property tax, at leat in California is working this way.

Reason no 3.

High return on investment, many solar systems will last 25-35 years and will be paid off in 5-10 years, and restitution of investment is 10-20 % compare with the stock exchange historical average of 7%.

Reason no 4.

Protection against the rising cost of electricity, You will take control of the cost, and you will have predictable costs.

Reason no 5.

You will reduce your carbon footprint and your home will run on clean energy generated every day of the year by solar panels.

Reason no 6.

You can custom design a solar system to produce energy for your needs.

Reason no 7.

Protect your roof and let the solar panels do the hard work.




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AWS Solar checklist

Checklist for Going Solar

A Homeowner’s Checklist for Going Solar

In case you’re considering going solar , here’s a checklist of points to think about:

  1. Figure out exactly how much electrical power you’re using.

Take an effective, critical look at your own electric power consumption in the last year or a few months.  You almost certainly know how much you spend for electrical power each month and also have records of the payments paid to PG&E or your local utility. However, are you aware just how much electrical energy you really utilize?  Electrical energy is actually charged up by the kilowatt-hour (kWh). Many people use less than 400 kWh monthly; other people simply use over 1,200 kWh monthly. Generally, the photovoltaic system is really a greater investment option for those who use a lot of energy.

  1. Determine precisely how much money you’ll help save.

Once you determine how many kwh of energy you’re using, check out the solar energy estimation software program to find out precisely how much money you would save simply by heading solar energy. Our software program ask you a couple of questions, after that it’ll let you know  the value of a solar photovoltaic system for your home, how much time it might require for the system to cover by itself and just how much money you’d conserve following that.

  1. Evaluate your home roof.

How old is your roof structure and what sort of condition does it look in? In case your roof is due to changed, you’ll need to do that before or together with attaching solar. And is your home roof perfectly located for a photovoltaic system? Does it face south? “Shading” can also be a problem: the roof needs to have very clear, unblocked accessibility to the sunlight during the day and stay totally free of shade from trees or various other structures.

  1. Think about your long-term electricity necessities

    and also check if the solar pv system you are considering enables you to increase extra solar panels after a while if required. A swimming pool, changes in family dimension or even the use of a plug-in hybrid car might significantly modify your electricity usage.

  2. Shop around.

Check with neighbors and friends who have previously installed a solar panel system if they’ve been satisfied with their systems. Study financing alternatives: Is it necessary to have the funds for the whole solar system in advance, or does your installer provide a loan choice?

  1. Check out which solar rebates are accessible to you.

You should definitely submit an application for the Solar Federal Tax Credit  which lets you claim 30 percent of the charges for a new system. A purchaser who installs a $20,000 solar panel system on his or her roof will receive $6,000 in income tax credits.

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6KW Solar System Annual Solar Production

6 KW Annual Solar Production

Solar systems installations changed in last 7 years a lot. Price drop on solar panels and inverters make on those days solar more affordable. Driving to our projects and back to office I've seen already couple of projects where solar modules where facing north in Los Angeles area. Also I've seen on some flat roof funny angle for solar panels. 

Everybody knows to have maximum output we have to install solar system orientated south, I choose orientation of modules East, South, West, North 

We used PVWatts Version 5.0.2 to check the output of 6KW ( 6,000 Watts, 24 solar modules of 250W each or 20 solar modules of 300W each) solar system. 

We choose zipcode: 91352 location of our office and for module types we choose Premium crystalline Silicon and modules cover anti-reflective.


solar production 6KW system

roof pitch angle



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