Why choose AWS Solar Los Angeles?



Not all solar companies are equal!

At AWS Solar we breathe, eat and sleep solar and renewable power.

We assist our customers in implementing energy efficiency and installing top-quality renewable energy systems that will give them the highest possible return on their investment. If we do not believe that your property will benefit from a solar system installation, we will tell you. That is our pledge!


As solar energy pioneers in Southern California, we have learned that not every solar company puts you the customer first.

AWS Solar prides itself on maintaining only the very highest standards of design and workmanship. Our staff members, our skills, experience, and partners make it easier for us to be able to offer environmentally friendly, an efficient solar power to you, the homeowner.

We are dedicated to the mission of generating a sustainable future for years to come and our many years of experience combined with very best skills possible ensure that you will have absolute peace of mind as we work in creating a custom designed system that you will be proud to own.


AWS Solar commitment drives us to a tradition of supremely high quality greater than many other solar companies. During each step of the way we hold our partners, products and ourselves to precise standards and with each project we work only towards the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

We walk you through the design and installation process so that you will feel confident that our full-service process is unmatched in the industry. Everything is taken care of, including all permitting and local requirements, so that you will have a stress free experience with your custom designed solar project.


Our Solar Installers

Our technicians are trained to the very highest standards in the industry. We firmly believe that if you choose the highest quality solar panels for your property you should have an installation team that is highly skilled and experienced in order to ensure that you're the installation receives the care and attention that it deserves.

Anytime when you decide to use AWS Solar, you will have the confidence that you chose the best in the industry and we will deliver the highest quality of customer care and service from start to finish. We pride ourselves in absolute customer satisfaction.

AWS Solar powered energy technicians are the most skilled, experienced and professional installers of residential solar power systems in your community. We know because we train and educate them to the highest guidelines possible in the American solar construction business. AWS Solar technicians are specialists in their field and guarantee consistency and excellent quality of our solar system installations. This is a hallmark of AWS.

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