1. Schedule Your Home Energy Assessment

  2. We cover Permitting and Installation

  3. Inspection and Interconnection of the solar system.



We take care of the entire solar energy project from start to finish in several easy steps:

Step 1. Contact AWS Solar

Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your solar installation.

If you’re new to solar we can explain the process to you in a just few easy to understand steps.


Step 2. Minimize electricity consumption

You can enhance your solar profitability by reducing the amount of overall power you use. We include advice on how to use less energy by incorporating energy efficient technologies like LED lighting and Energy Star appliances and also we will implement energy management system in your home. By reducing demand for energy needed, you can decrease the size and the cost of your solar panel system.

Step3. Let us check solar property potential

To design the best possible system for your needs we can check satellite photos of your property to see the potential with consideration to your energy demands.

We can estimate your average yearly consumption (measured in kilowatt-hours - kWh) by looking at your last twelve months of the electric power bills. Or, if you don't have your old utility bills, just let us know and we will arrange a conference call with SCE or LADWP so that we can ascertain your previous year’s consumption.

When we have your electrical consumption information, we will discuss your main goal for going solar and then set up a free of charge Home Evaluation to determine your property solar potential.

During the home visit:

  • We’ll take measurements

  • We will check roof condition

  • Electrical panel

  • Structural of the property

  • Solar shading analysis

  • Possible future energy usage increases (such as the purchase of an electric vehicle)

  • Answer any additional questions you may have.

After consulting with you, we will finalize the system design and provide you with a detailed proposal.

Step 4. Sign agreement for solar system

We will sign the agreement where we will have all the details regarding warranties, and then we will submit paperwork for rebate reservation and the interconnection agreement.

Step 5. Schedule your solar installation

After confirmation of your rebate reservation or interconnection agreement we will obtain a building permit, we will schedule installation, inspection with local building and safety bureau. Installation takes 1-2 days on a small system and more days on a larger system.

Step 6. Commissioning Your Solar System and Celebrate!

After final inspection with building and safety we will have a second inspection with utility inspector, and at that time we can turn your system on. AWS Solar provides an orientation session for you to familiarize yourself and your family with your new solar electric system. Then, it’s time to celebrate – and watch your meter spin backward!

Step 7. Check mail

In a short period, a rebate check from the Los Angeles Water and Power will arrive in the mail.